Use Our Service

Anyone aged 8+ with learning disabilites and living in the Scottish Borders (and those aged 8-25 with autism) can use our service, and you can approach us directly.

See  more detailed information and download a Request for Service form or get in touch with your local branch

"I loved making films and watching them in the Eastgate Theatre. That was great!"

"It's made me more confident and gets me out and about. I'm happy when I'm at the groups."

"I have a group to go to where I know everyone and really enjoy it."

"It's more important because of lockdown: it's been nice to have people to talk to."

"In lockdown it was really good to have things to keep me busy. My phone calls from Alex have also been great."

"It has made me feel so much better when I meet my buddy."

"It's made such a difference. She's so kind and a good listener and always cheerful. It brightens my day."

"Given lots of opportunities to try different things and make new friends."

"With Cath phoning me on a Thursday it's been reassuring because I'd feel lost if no-one was in contact with me."

"Interest link has made my life because it has helped me to make friends."

"It’s the only thing I go to that has continued in lockdown."

"It's made me more confident and I have new experiences & hobbies."

Benefits for Carers

As well as having predictable short breaks when they can spend time with other family members or get out and about, carers often tell us how happy they are knowing the person they care for is having fun with friends in safety.

During lockdown carers have enjoyed joining our Zoom groups and social media and other distance activities.



"We feel it's someone else he knows for when we are not around in the future. That's reassuring."

"I get time to do what I enjoy - go for a walk, do housework and go round to the shops if I like. I love that bit of space."

"Really appreciate the service and the contact we have had throughout lockdown…… the zoom groups and weekly calls have been great."

"Gives us valuable time to catch up with various tasks and get some well needed r&r!"

"It's been lovely: she's linked up with Whatsapp talking to others as well as her phone buddy and the newsletters."

"If Katherine is happy it makes me happy: i know that she is enjoying herself and being well looked after."

"The support during Covid has been great: just to have activities and to keep in touch and hear everyone’s news has kept us connected."

"It's helped in a huge way - given him somewhere to go and things to do and given me time to myself."

"Having a happier child means there is less stress on us."

"It gives me joy that he goes out and enjoys himself."

"A wee swim and a sauna revives me and gives me a much needed boost when Robbie is at ‘youth club’!"