Use Our Service

 Anyone aged over 8 with learning disabilities who lives in the Scottish Borders (and young people with autism) can join Interest Link. You or your carer can approach us directly.

See  more detailed information and download a Request for Service form or get in touch with your local branch

Benefits for Carers



Carers get predictable short breaks, happy the person they care for is having fun with friends in safety.



“Liam has definitely learnt to be more independent and gained skills”

“Only opportunity for my son to get out and mix safely without me.”

“The service has created a safe environment for L and helps his mental health and wellbeing”

“If C is happy it makes home life much easier”

“This is the first club where my child feels valued and included.”

“When O is happy I am happy and spend time with her siblings.”

“It helps my mental health”

“It makes us all happy to see how much she enjoys it all, she looks forward to going, she can't wait.”

"There are no other groups that suits my sons needs."