Ministerial Visit

On the 14th December Green Wanderers hosted a Ministerial Visit by SNP Minister for Equalities Emma Roddick and 3 of her team, who had come to find out more about Interest Link and the benefits of befriending projects. Group members did a great job telling the Minister all about the activities they enjoy and showing the Minister the group scrapbooks, and everyone also had fun making a floral table arrangement to take home. Reflecting on her visit the Minister said “It was wonderful to be welcomed for an afternoon into the community that is Green Wanderers. Spending some time with regular attendees and their families, I learned a lot about the value of the socialising and educational opportunities that the group provides, as well as about how best to arrange plant cuttings. We know that social isolation and loneliness are public health issues, and every person needs a bit of social interaction and to feel a part of a whole. It’s clear that Green Wanderers is doing its bit to tackle these issues. In the middle of a budget week, sitting down with some good company and working with my hands was incredibly therapeutic, and I got a feel for all the wonderful things that the group has got up to together and how they help each other. The acceptance of everyone by everyone, from cheerful greetings to knowing the favoured methods of communication – giving those who needed it some space or speaking in BSL – was empowering to be around.”