We provide a wide range of volunteer befriending support for people with learning disabilities (and young people with autism) in the Scottish Borders.  1:1 friendships, social groups and distance contact are blended to enrich the lives of our members, their carers and volunteers of all ages.


Find out how you (or the person you care for) could benefit from our befriending service.


Join 200 volunteers across the Scottish Borders enriching their lives through befriending.

"It’s the only thing I go to that has continued in lockdown."

"It's more important because of lockdown: it's been nice to have people to talk to."

"The support during Covid has been great: just to have activities and to keep in touch and hear everyone’s news has kept us connected."

"In lockdown it was really good to have things to keep me busy. My phone calls from Alex have also been great."

"It's been lovely: she's linked up with Whatsapp talking to others as well as her phone buddy and the newsletters."

"I have absolutely loved being a part of interest link during lockdown. "

"Really appreciate the service and the contact we have had throughout lockdown…… the zoom groups and weekly calls have been great."

"The Facebook and zoom has helped keep us all connected during these difficult times, helped us know we are not alone and still have all our friends from the groups!"

"With Cath phoning me on a Thursday it's been reassuring because I'd feel lost if no-one was in contact with me."

Our Activities

One-to-One Befriending

Members age 8+ and volunteers meet up regularly for activities of their choice.

In-school Groups

Lunchtime groups help us reach children who cannot attend our community groups for any reason.

Group Befriending

We have 16 social groups for children, young people and adults that meet across the Borders.

Distance Befriending

Since April 2020 our service has been mainly through Zoom, social media, telephone. penpals & newsletters.