2018 Belfast Trip 2018 Still Game 2018 Still Game Cast & Crew Interviews 2018 Megan & Priscilla Interview 2018 Coldstream Mini-pantomimes 2018 Red is the New Black Fashion Show 2018The Good, The Burnt and The Soggy (Toast) 2018 Samba Drumming 2017 Central Borders Pantomime 2017 Gogglebox 2017 Central Borders Collection 2017 Broons & Technology plus Cast & Crew Interviews, Behind the Scenes and Outtakes & Bloopers 2017 Children’s Film Project 2017 Great Borders Bake Off 2016 Short iphone films:  Friendship Day. Central Borders Adult Groups   2016 Volunteer Interviews 2016 1:1 Links Interviews 2016 Berwickshire Art and Evaluation together with Parent Interviews 2016 Stop-motion Evaluation 2016 Central Borders & Roxburgh Overnight Trip Musselburgh 2016 Interest Link Through The Ages 2016 Interest Link News (including Breaking Maths) 2016 The Broons Go On The Borders Railway   together with Cast & Crew Interviews and Outtakes 2016 Aladdin Rehearsals & Outtakes 2016 Berwickshire Generate Radio Interview 2016 Children in Need Radio Interviews 2016 Tweeddale The Awesome Adventures Of Britney Schmitney Password-protected 2016 Tweeddale Show Me The Hay To Go Home Password-Protected 2016 Tweeddale Behind The Scenes Password-Protected 2015 Turning The Tables Healthy Eating Project 2015 Anna Craigen presentation at AGM 2015 Roxburgh Children’s Group Schluedo 2015 Berwickshire Youth Group: Breaking Maths & Outtakes 2015 Caledonian Group: A Visit to the Shows & Hawick Welcome Hosts 2014 Video Diary MB 2014 Video Diary Duet 2014 Keys To Life Friendship Event         Ronald & Elizabeth “Press” interview 2014 Roxburgh Childrens Group’s Got Talent & Outtakes 2014 Presentation at International Short Break Association Conference 2014 Berwickshire Youth Group: Gangnam 5 2014 Roxburgh Youth Group: The Broons Gaun Ti’ Blackpool 2013 Berwickshire Youth Group Whodunnit: Clueboat Movie, Outtakes & Behind the Scenes 2012 Volunteer Radio Show 2012 Roxburgh Youth Group Panto: Santa’s Missing 2012 Caledonian Group Song: The Same As You 2011 Roxburgh Youth Group: It’s My Life 2009 General Video about Young People’s Service 2008 General Video about Adult Service  
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